Between 1967 and 1970, the Joshua Light Show held residence at New York's Fillmore East, performed at Woodstock, and created special lighting effects for the party scene in the Academy Award winning film, Midnight Cowboy.  In 2007, I collaborated with founder Joshua White on bringing his practice into contemporary culture, assembling a new team of live cinema artists—including Alyson Denny, Seth Kirby, Ana Matronic, Brock Monroe, Doug Pope, and Bec Stupak, among several others—to update the Joshua Light Show's classic analog techniques with digital approaches.  Since then, I have acted as producer and Music Director, curating a wide range of musical artists to perform for our live presentations.  In 2011, with Jeff Cook, I produced and composed a multichannel soundscore for the lightshow's appearance at the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium, and the next year I wrote a follow-up for a performance at the Digital Dome in Mexico City, as part of the Mutek festival.

Video by Lauren Coleman, narration by Nick Hallett

The Joshua Light Show played a performance on the opening night of the transmediale 2012 in Berlin. I was allowed to film the light projectors behind the screen for ZEIT ONLINE. (Music: Nick Hallett) More like this: