Plantains were the electronic pop duo of Nick Hallett (aka Nicklcat) and Ray Sweeten (aka Mitgang Bevilacqua). They began in 2000 as a faux British act, sporting fake European accents, and evolved—with the collaboration of video artist English Kills—into a multimedia performance project, playing shows with Le Tigre, Scissor Sisters, Chromeo, and Ssion among others.  In 2010, a compilation of their recordings was released on the I, Absentee label.  

"Many groups impersonate British new wave acts from the '80s, but very few do it as convincingly, or as hilariously, as the Plantains. It's not just the accents that put singers-programmers Nicklcat and Mitgang over the top, it's the whole Eurotrash package - the looks, the hooks, and most importantly, the 'tude." - Village Voice

"Totally ridiculous." - NME

"Clever electro-cabaret" - Time Out New York

"Tech-savvy DIY ethos powered two trends that boomed this year: live video bands and geeky-as-we-wanna-be computer art. LoVid and Tracy and the Plastics achieved the most advanced manifestations of the former, with post-new-new-wavers Ssion and the Plantains holding their own" –Village Voice, The Year in Experimental Film and Video (2003), by Ed Halter